Carnegie Mellon University 

Aug 2015 - Present

B.A. Physics

B.A. Ethics, History, & Public Policy

Chiang Mai University - Study Abroad

Summer 2018

As a Jennings Family Brave Companions Fund Recipient, I had the privilege to travel to a developing country of my choice to gain a deep cultural understanding of the society and the people there, while also creating international connections and taking classes relevant to my major and interests in policy. 

  • Thai Language

  • International Relations of Mainland Southeast Asia

  • Human Rights in Southeast Asia



 "Diversity: A Talk with Alumni" 2018

"Diversity: A Talk with Alumni" 2018

Founder — MCS Panel Event: 2 years

“Diversity: A Talk with Alumni” is a panel event I created, organized, and hosted with the support of MCS and COMPASS, to bring back five alumni of color who graduated from MCS, to share their experiences and advice with current MCS students.

I found that many students in MCS have advisors that obviously chose academia as their career, and as students it can sometimes be challenging to get information about what it is like to be in industry. Even when students are interested in academia, many of our professors graduated some time ago, and so the information we get from advisors can also be outdated. So in that regard, this event helps any student in MCS get a perspective of what it is currently like for people who graduated with their same majors, out in the real world.

However, when you compound this problem with issues of race and gender, what you find is that many of the faculty and professors here simply can not give advice about what it is like to be a minority in these fields. This means that important questions go unanswered for many students of color in MCS. I wanted to put on this event to fill that information gap, and do so in a way that involved looking at people who had come before us who had been highly successful in these fields themselves.

Adviser— Future Leaders of Science: 4 years

Previously: President, Public Relations Officer

Our organization's mission is to present STEM activities and demonstrations to local schools in the Pittsburgh area, with the goal of creating and fostering a love of science in school age children. My focus as Public Outreach Coordinator and now President has been to reach those schools most in need of outreach programs, and to increase the number and diversity of college students who participate.

Project Manager — Ethics History & Public Policy Capstone

For the fall 2018 capstone project our class investigated the social impact of a physical event, landslides. Very common in Allegheny county, landslides effect dozens of people every year, and are projected to happen at increased rates and intensities. Our capstone project focused on presenting policy related solutions to an environmental and naturally occurring problem to the Allegheny Conservation District.

As project manager I delegated tasks and received progress reports from each subgroup dedicated to a different aspect of the problem. I combined our research efforts to help make cohesive final reports and deliverables, summarizing research and outlining detailed specific policy solutions, which were then presented to our client.

Project Adviser — Project Ignite: 2 years

"Project Ignite was founded with the goal of using project-based learning to offer high school students an opportunity for exploration, discovery, and growth. Project Ignite is based on small group projects that are defined and driven by high school students, with guidance provided by our project advisors, who are volunteers from the CMU student body. We aim to have the high school students be in the driver's seat throughout the process. They will be the ones brainstorming possibilities, making plans, and doing the legwork to achieve a shared goal, while the project advisors act as mentors to challenge them and provide guidance when appropriate."



Hologram 2016

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President & Compass Mentor — COMPASS: 4 years

"COMPASS (Coaching Minority Progress and Academic Success in Science) is a peer mentoring organization to benefit first-year students in the Mellon College of Science. The ultimate goals of COMPASS are:

  • To promote connections and relationships with peers, mentors, and faculty/advisors to enhance academic, personal and professional development and success at Carnegie Mellon and beyond, and

  • To maintain and increase the number of underrepresented minorities pursuing scientific, mathematical, and medical fields."

President — Humanist League: 4 years

Previously: Vice President, Treasurer

 Recruiting event 2017

Recruiting event 2017

"The mission of Humanist League is to build an inclusive, values-based community dedicated to breaking down the ideological barriers to widespread human flourishing. To this end, we celebrate freedom of inquiry in the domains of ethics, politics and theology, and promote constructive dialogue and mutual understanding on subjects that traditionally divide humanity."

In my leadership roles within the Humanist League I have worked to create a more inclusive club. By making changes and suggestions, such as bringing in multicultural speakers to talk about their experiences, to organizing and planning social events. 

FEMME (Feminists Engaged in Multicultural Matters and Education): 3 years

As a member of FEMME I work to understand the challenges faced by women in the CMU community. Issues I am currently focused on include, feelings of isolation in male dominated fields in STEM, and support for women facing harassment on campus. 

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Director - The Vagina Monologues

The Vagina Monologues is a play written by Eve Ensler that is performed at college campuses across the country. It aims to raise awareness around issues of sexual assault, and to raise funds for organizations that support women (100% of the proceeds from our shows were donated). As director I am excited to bring this production back to my campus and community in a way that works to bring awareness and start conversations around theses important topics.

Member - Global Business Brigades: 1 year

"Global Business Brigades is an international movement of university students and professionals building economic opportunities in the developing world. We work alongside promising entrepreneurs and experienced year-round staff to create financial opportunities in remote, rural, and under resourced areas."



As a member of the CMU chapter GBB, our group works on fundraising and entrepreneurship skills, until our trip to Nicaragua every spring break. During our trip we work with local community members to help teach them the skills needed to develop their businesses and participate in larger scale cultural exchanges.

Instructor — Everyday Mindfulness, Pragmatic Peace: 2 semester

Through the student taught classes program offered at CMU, I was given the opportunity to share my knowledge and love of mediation and mindfulness with my peers. The goal of this course was to introduce and refine student knowledge and practice of mindfulness, with the ultimate goal of each student walking away with a mindfulness practice that suited their individual lives. This experience allowed me to refine my skills as a teacher at the collegiate level and as a mindfulness instructor. I was able to use a combination of lectures, videos, student lead presentations, readings, conversations, and experimental learning to create a holistic learning process for my students.

Member - Ethics History and Public Policy SAC

The student advisory committee for EHPP is made up of current undergraduate students interested in how they can influence and shape this relatively new major at CMU. We meet every semester and discuss what we would like our department and major to look like with our advisors.

Member - Physics SAC

The student advisory committee for Physics is made up of current undergraduate students interested in how they can improve upon the physics CMU undergraduate experience. We meet weekly and discuss what we would like our department and major to look like with the heads of the department.