I am a big proponent of open source and access. So I wanted to make some of the materials I have worked on free and open, as well as give an overview on the quality and type of work I can produce at the same time.

I have included curriculum samples I had originally written for a STEM summer 6 week program. I have written them for high school age students to be presented to elementary students. They are formatted in such a way as to include links to outside videos, discussion questions, charts and figures, hands on activities, etc., and as such can not be read line by line for their full effect. I picked theses subjects and demonstrations for their popularity, accessibility, and broad scope. My intentions were to not only to introduce the topics being presented, but to help students develop other skills as well, such as critical thinking, familiarity with the scientific method and trial and error.

Finally I have the rough outline and syllabus for a class I am teaching at Carnegie Mellon on Mindfulness during the Fall 2018 semester along with addition materials relevant to that class.