My first session at Chiang Mai University flew past, and I was able to finish my International Relations class with an A and a better understanding of Southeast Asia. While most of my friends decided to hit the beach in the south, I decided to hit the ruins of one of the oldest parts of Thailand and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Sukhothai. I decided to stay at a home stay for the weekend, living in the home of a local Thai woman named Nattinee. Nattinee taught me how to cook a few of my favorite Thai dishes, and gave me very helpful advice on how to make the most out of my short weekend there.

After riding on the truck from new Sukhothai to old, I rented a bike and started to peddle my way into what felt like riding my way into the past. The towering Buddhas, and ancient ruins were nothing short of awe inspiring. There were very few people around and I enjoyed the peacefulness and took my time going from historic wat (the thai word for temple) to wat. It was a great experience solo traveling in a more rural part of Thailand, it forced me to use what Thai language I knew and I gained new insights into the culture.

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