Cherry Springs

No light pollution, a space nerds dream! Cherry Springs is a small region in eastern PA that is composed of mostly parks and other wooded areas that is part of a dark site. I really enjoyed getting to see so many stars and the faint band of the milky way with such clarity. I also enjoyed getting to spend one weekend rather detached from technology, and instead of my usual email and phone checking, focused on taking hikes and cooking with my partner. It was a really wonderful get away before the semester started and I look forward to going back and doing some astrophotography next time.


Out of all of the times I had ever been to NYC I realized I had never managed to truly explore Brooklyn. This time as I stopped in NY on my way back from Thailand I decided to investigate. Although maybe strange to some, the first thing on my list was the rather new DeKalb Market Hall, which showcases some of Brooklyn's best culturally inspired foods. I was not disappointed and managed to get a taste from several of the eateries including Paella Shack, Nobeltree coffee, Café D'Avignon, and Arepa Lady. All were fantastic, and I wish I would have had more room to sample from the rest of the vendors. The space was an experience in itself, the entire market housing a theater, multiple stores, with the restaurants all downstairs.

After DeKalb Market Hall I deiced to wander around Dekalb Avenue, a street with an lined with shops tucked into old brick buildings. Finally, I spent some time strolling down Atlantic Ave, and visited Kaight, a clothing store focused on sustainable, organic, and fashionable clothes. I can't wait until I can return and can see more of Brooklyn than a day trip allowed.